Why You Should Get Up Close and Personal

Move in Closer and Almost any shot will look better!

If you take two or three steps closer to your subject, filling the frame entirely with your subject will make a terrific difference to your photos.

Alternatively, instead of moving closer, use the Optical Zoom of your camera to get a close up shot. (Please avoid digital zoom)

When photographing family and friends, most people place the subject’s full body in the frame, or place head and arms in the shot. Instead, try filling the frame with just your subject’s FACE.

This is especially good if they are smiling or are in a moment of reflection.


Why does this work?

closeup2It’s about less clutter in the image. There will be less to draw the eye away from the main subject of your photo.

Also, human faces (particularly children’s faces) are something we all feel pleasure looking at. If you can’t get close enough, use a zoom lens.

Alternatively, using editing software, you can crop out unwanted parts of the photo leaving everything except the subject’s face.

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