0So, you have a special deal voucher to attend a Photography Masterclass

We're excited to have you on-board
and look forward to seeing you at your class ! 

Now let's redeem your voucher....


So as things run smoothly, it is
 REALLY IMPORTANT to read the following information carefully !!!

 1/  Your deal voucher 

You must retain a copy of your voucher from the deal company.  This is just like a ticket to a concert. Without your ticket, you can not gain admission.


2/  Your email address

Please be very careful when filling out the form below and double check that you have entered in your correct and reliable email address! It is essential that we are able to contact you with information. You will also need to add "" to your safe senders list. It will be very frustrating for you if our emails are either blocked or end up in your SPAM  as important information from us will be sent regarding your class as we get closer to the date. (PLEASE NOTE : If you are booking for another person, it will be your responsibility to forward any of our messages to the attendee)

 3/ Who purchased your voucher?

The primary name on the registration form, must be the person who actually purchased and paid for the voucher. The name of the purchaser of your voucher name must appear at the top of the registration form. If it is not the purchaser attending and the voucher was for a friend or partner, there is then a special place for you to enter the attendees name, along with details of their photography skills, in the fields that follow on the form.


4/ Read your deal voucher thoroughly

Often with special price deals there are certain terms and condition that apply to the voucher's use. Do read the terms and conditions that apply.  Make sure that you fully understand the class dates that the voucher is valid for and any instructions or special terms and conditions that apply such as "Voucher Expiry Date".

In particular, you must acknowledge and agree that class dates and times are subject to change. In the unlikely event that your selected class time or date changes you will be offered alternative options, however, refunds can not be issued.


5/ Voucher Expiry Date

The voucher expiry date does NOT mean that you have to take your class by this date. The expiry date is the date by which you must visit our website and select the class you wish to attend


Specific Term and Conditions:

  • Class dates, times and venues are subject to availability and may change at the sole discretion of International Photography Academy.

    In the unlikely event that your class time changes and you are unable to attend due to this change, your voucher or ticket will be honored for attendance to any future event or product of equal or greater value but refunds can not be provided.

  • Venues will always be close to the CBD in your city,  however the exact venue may not be confirmed until the week prior to your booking in order to cater for the number of people attending.

  • Other terms and conditions apply as printed on your voucher and as published at the time of purchasing your deal voucher.

  • Refunds are NOT available once your voucher has been redeemed by using this form.

  • Submitting this form will constitute your agreement and acceptance of the above terms and conditions.