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these images were shot on an iPhone 6

There's Never Been A Better Time or An Easier Way
For You To Learn How to Get The Best out of Your Camera and be able to take Breathtaking Images of Your Travels



If you’re a beginner to intermediate photographer
and you want to take better travel and landscape pictures...
but you don't want to get hung up on technical stuff....

and you just want friends to say “WOW”
when they see your pictures …

 this 4 Hour class is definitely for you!



Here's why you need to attend...

You love to travel and you'd love to be able to take breathtaking shots of your adventures and the places you visit.... but way too often you end up disappointed with your shots!

This will now be a thing of the past as by taking this class, you'll take away so many tips, tricks and ideas.  Ideas that you can use immediately to gain the confidence and know-how to create fabulous Travel Photos & Amazing Landscapes that you and your family will be thrilled about....

Have you ever wondered why your holiday photos
never turn out the way you remember ?

Read on......

Hello, my name is Anthony..

I travel the World teaching photography to people who would simply love to get better results from their travel photography



I call it the "Glass Jar" principle

If you are like many people I meet, you enjoy travel and you love your photography...

How many times have you travelled and been inspired by the scenery?

You leap out of the car to take in the view ....  It's spectacular.... and literally sends tingles up and down your spine!

You grab your camera or phone.... all you want to do is take a photo to record how amazing the scene is so as you can share your experience and feelings with friends and loved ones upon your return home.

The reality is that you would love to capture the way the view made you feel.... forever!

You are hoping others will not only admire your resultant photography skills, but you are wanting your pictures to convey the exact same feelings that you enjoyed experiencing.  The feelings that made you jump out of the car in the first place.

It's like you want to bottle those feelings....  stick 'em in a jar and slap the lid on real tight so as you can keep the contents to reveal to those you care about.

Does this sound familiar ?

And.... How did it feel when you got home and took the lid of your jar?

Was it an anticlimax? Did you feel disappointed that somehow your pictures didn't quite look as you remembered?  Did you feel that the essence and feelings of that wonderful scene had somehow been lost?

Don't worry.... I used to feel disappointed too!!!

Until one day, I was introduced to an experienced photographer who taught me some very simple rules and techniques that changed the way I took travel and landscape photographs forever.

It is these very simple techniques that I want to share with you.

They can be applied (no matter what camera you have) to make a world of difference.

The problem lies within the dimension ..... or lack thereof.

You were excited by a scene that is three dimensional....Yes?

And the dimensions were even further enhanced by your senses of smell, temperature and the breeze on your face.

Then, we picked up a camera and turned this amazing multi-dimensional scene into a boring, flat, two dimensional photo or image to show others on a device like a smartphone, an iPad or a computer......  or even worse still, a flat piece of paper.

....... and you wonder why your photo doesn't exude the same feelings as the live experience?

It's little wonder we are disappointed when you when you think about it this way.   Does it now make sense that many struggle to create effective results. 

Now, in this special workshop of Travel and Landscape Photography, I am going to share the secrets to overcoming this problem.  I guarantee the solutions and information that you will learn by attending this workshop will change the way you look at travel and landscape photography forever.

I am going to show you "easy to understand" techniques that I guarantee will give your pictures more dimension, more impact and more "WOW FACTOR" every single time you press the button.

When you consider the expenses of travel and accommodation, doesn't it make sense to invest just a little more and a few hours of your time to make sure that your precious travel memories and holiday photos are priceless?

Please do not miss this special 4 Hour Travel and Landscape workshop opportunity.  Seats are unfortunately limited ... so you will need to act quickly.

Please reserve your place right now.... bring your camera and I look forward to seeing you there!

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Anthony Cottrell


Your total tuition investment
when you register now is only $495

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Join Thousand's Throughout the World
Who Have Improved Their Photography
Through Anthony's Guidance

Here's What Others Have Said

Thankyou Anthony for a great  course! We really enjoyed listening to you. Thankyou for introducing us to the MAGIC button, Graham & I have had a night of practicing. We are taking a joint holiday next year to Europe and we shall be putting everything we learnt from the lessons into practice, Anthony, your passion is priceless, and it’s lovely to listen to someone who is willing to share it with us amateurs


Today my life changed dramatically for the better, things I have struggled to understand in photography became crystal clear. I could hardly wait to get my camera out and get started with this new insight. So very grateful for todays Masterclass a huge thankyou to Anthony Cottrell who made the class not only informative but highly entertaining from now on magic is my only setting


I was amazed at how much information you packed in to the class and would highly recommend it to any beginner and to all friends that have been using their camera in a non Magic way. 🙂


It was an awesome masterclass in rainy Bris Vegas. Thank you very much ! Exactly what I expected and even more. Great presentation and entertaining as well !! Did not manage to thank Anthony personally as he was surrounded by people after we had finished. 🙂

JC, Brisbane

would like to thank Anthony for such an inspiring class yesterday, you are truly inspirational and it is fantastic to see how you are emotionally connected to each and every client that walks through your door, your passion is priceless. Looking forward to seeing you again when you come back to Wollongong for another class!!


I wanted to say that the course was excellent. I am so glad I attended it! I learnt so much about my camera and about taking photos. I was especially interested in what was said about reading photos from left to right. I think that is amazing! Thank you again for such informative lessons. I look forward to taking photos and improving my skills even more

MJ, Brisbane

How do some people manage to take such amazing photos ?

And why do your own photos never turn out like that?


Well it’s perfectly possible for anyone to take incredible photos  –
you just need nudging in the right direction!


In this brand new 4 Hour Class, you’ll discover highly effective techniques taught by one of the Worlds most experienced photography tutors.  Techniques that are guaranteed to kickstart your creativity and get you taking amazing travel photos in just 4 Hours.


Do you find that your camera spends most of it's life in the "Automatic Mode"?

Do you wonder why your photos often lack impact, look dull and clearly look disappointingly average?

All you need is a little guidance from an expert... Yes?

Do you take hundreds of photos when you are away in the hope that one or two will turn out OK?

This approach to photography is very common .... but alas... similar to that of  buying a lotto ticket.... the more tickets you buy... the more chances you have of jagging a winning shot.

Rarely though will you enjoy the immense gratification that comes from YOU being "the artist" and in total control of your camera.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could easily change this and were able to create incredible photos... every single time?

Well, learning about how to get amazing travel and landscape photos is now is more exciting, easier and far more affordable than ever !



Now Is The Time For You
To Gain the Confidence and Enjoy Taking Great Travel Photos


Let Anthony Show You How Easy That Can Be!

This could easily be you .....

  • Imagine how good it would feel to be 100% in control of your camera or SmartpSmartphone
  • Think how it would feel to have the confidence... knowing every single time you take a photo, the results were going to be amazing.
  • Can you hear the ooohs and ahhhs of admiration you would receive from friends and family.
  • How cool would it be to get hundreds of "likes" whenever you posted your photos on social media.
  • Think how proud you would feel to be recognised by your friends as a great photographer.
  • How valuable would your precious family and holiday memories be if you could create photos with more impact

and these feelings would last for the the rest of your life, just by enrolling today in the new "4 Hour Travel and Landscape Photography Workshop".


No technical jargon and simple for anyone to understand, even without prior photography experience.

  • The class is suitable for all ages from 10 Years to 110.
  • It is tuition that is a must for all travel enthusiasts and all levels of photography experience from total beginner to advanced amateur.
  • Designed for all camera types from a Smartphone to an expensive DSLR and everything in between.
  • Access to notes will be available so as you can revisit what you learn at your own pace and in your own time.

Photography is our passion.... we want it to be yours too !


Your total tuition investment
when you register now is only $495

 or if you have a gift or deal voucher
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About Your Class Presenter

Anthony Cottrell is a talented Australian photographer with experience spanning over thirty years as one of the country's most sought after Photographers.

His has owned and operated one of the  largest and most successful studios and has photographed in the company of greats like Lord Patrck Litchfield, Monte Zucker, Anne Geddes.

On a business front, his compelling eye for the most natural looking portrait photographs have attracted more than 30,000 dedicated clients.

Anthony is also well known for his teaching skills and conducts photography training workshops and Photography Masterclasses throughout the World.  In recent years,  over 10,000 budding photographers have attended his popular photography teaching events.

His passion is photography and Anthony is dedicated to assist as many others as possible discover the secrets and joy to taking amazing photos and gaining the best results from their camera.

This new series of informative workshops produced exclusively for International Photography Academy will not disappoint anyone seriously interested in taking their photography skills to the next level.

His engaging teaching style makes everything easy to understand even for the absolute beginner with no prior photography knowledge.


Your total tuition investment
when you register now is only $495

 or if you have a gift or deal voucher
click below to redeem


Expert Tuition Designed To
Take You
On A 4 Hour Journey
Travel Photography Mastery

By Attending This Class
You Will Learn So Much



The Fundamentals of Camera Settings
and The Importance of Exposure


How You Can Get The Perfect Exposure Every Time...

  • The Number #1 Most Important Factor
  • The Importance of Exposure
  • How to Get The Perfect Exposure
  • The Perfect Exposure and Why Its Critical to Your Success
  • The Main Function of Camera Settings
  • Simplifying Your Understanding of Camera Settings
  • The Simple Balancing Act

Discover All There is to Know
About Your Camera
and It's Essential Settings

  • The Types of Camera Settings
  • Camera Settings Made Easy
  • How to Take Control of Your Creativity
  • An Introduction to Aperture
  • How Aperture Creates Great Composition
  • A Whole New World of Creativity You Never Knew Exisited
  • Working The Power of Depth of Field
  • Creating Magic With Shutter Speed
  • When and Exactly How NOT To Use ISO
  • How Your Camera Reads The Light With Metering Modes
  • Colour Casts and Simple Techniques Using White Balance

Putting Your Camera
To Work and How to
Get The Very Best Results

Show Your Camera Who's Boss
and Unleash The Magic !

  • How to Change The Settings on Your Camera
  • A Recap on Settings and Unleashing The Magic
  • Advanced Aperture
  • Shallow Depth of Field and How to Isolate Your Subject
  • Exploring Large Depth of Field and When To Use It
  • Advanced Shutter Speed
  • Capturing A Split Second In Time and Freezing The Action
  • Breathing Life Into Your Photos WIth Slower Shutter Speeds
  • Having Fun WIth Creating Movement
  • Time Exposure, Creativity and Painting With Light
  • The Do's and Dont's of ISO and When To Use It
  • How Your Camera Sees And Reads The Light
  • Things You Must Know About Your Camera's Light Meter
  • Metering Modes --- What Are They? - How Do You Change Modes? - And What Mode Is Best?
  • Selective Exposure and Why Its Critical to Your Success
  • The Problems With Under and Over Exposure
  • Different Exposures for Different Effects
  • Colour Casts and What You Can Do To Correct Problems

Your total tuition investment when you register now is only $495

 or if you have a gift or deal voucher click below to redeem


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