The Number 1 Thing You MUST Know About Your Subject

Have you ever been on holiday or just driving along the road and been so overwhelmed with the view or the scene that you simply could not help but yell out: “STOP THE CAR …STOP THE CAR”!

You then leap out of the car, camera in hand and simply wanted to capture that amazing view to preserve forever.


Does that sound familiar?

How did you feel when you first saw that awesome view?

Maybe the scene sent shivers tingling up your spine?

However you felt, you just wanted to capture that feeling for all time.

You wanted to stick it in a jar and slap the lid on tight to save it so as you could re-live and share this energy and feeling with family and friends again and again. Didn’t you?

Had you noticed though, when you got home and reviewed your photos that the results disappointingly lacked the ability to “WOW” you….. Not at all like you were anticipating… Nothing like the real scene. You just did not receive that same buzz!

The secret here is to decide upon the exact subject you are photographing!frameitup

What was the number ONE most important subject in that scene that caught your attention?

The subjects in the scene may have included a number of elements like this:

 Beautiful snow-capped majestic mountains.
 An amazing lake with crystal clear reflections of the mountains along with the interesting texture that the ripples on the water created.
 To top of the scene, the sky possessed incredible dynamic cloud formations.

A common mistake is that you probably wanted to capture all those elements without paying any particular attention to the element that you wanted to make the primary focus.


cloudssmTIP: You should only have ONE main subject.

When photographing a number of elements you must decide upon which element is to be the main focus of attention in your photo. Once you have made this decision, concentrate upon how you can emphasise that particular element.

Let’s suggest that you have decided upon the snow-capped mountains as your main subject. A good idea would be to focus or zoom in on just the mountains and compose your photo so that the mountains take up the majority of the space in your photo.

So, what you have achieved now is you have simplified your photo. Your photo will become easier for the viewer’s brain to comprehend as the viewer’s attentions will be drawn to the mountains FIRST!

Viewers will see the reflection in the lake and the clouds in the sky as secondary elements. Does that make sense?

See how, in this photo, I have made the clouds the main subject?

It’s about keeping it simple and understanding that you, as the photographer and the artist, must always be in control of where the viewer looks first within your photo.

A good photographer leads the viewer’s eye through the photo and is always in control of where the viewer’s looks first. The simpler and easier you can make this for the viewer, the more powerful your photograph becomes.

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