The 4 Things You Should Know Before You Photograph People

Photographing People?

Whether they’re family or friends, people can be a handful.

But it’s easy to stay in control and make it look like you are a seasoned “Pro”!

Rule #1

Do not allow people to stand with their feet together.

Standing people in a line like statues is a sure fire way of creating a photograph that looks posed and unnatural. The best picture and family and friends are those that look spontaneous.

Always ask your subjects to place one foot towards the camera. This automatically has the effect of leaning people slightly towards your camera making them look more relaxed and natural.

Ask your subject/s to place their balance on their front foot.

I often pretend that I have a piece of string attached to their nose and go through the process of furthermore going through the motions of puling the string hand, hand over hand, to pull my subjects noses closer to my camera. This can be fun, but importantly has the resultant effect of a more dynamic, relaxed and spontaneous photo. In fact the more I have people leaning towards my camera another fantastic benefit occurs….. The more people lean towards me, the more I eliminate any double chins that may have otherwise occurred.

Believe me, your subjects will love you for it!

Rule # 2

Use a tripod.

When photographing people, using a tripod allows you to come out from behind the camera and interact far with your subject/s. This will definitely result in achieving far more natural expressions.

Rule # 3

Use a remote shutter trigger device. Remote_Camera

I always recommend the use of a remote trigger device that allows me to fire the camera from wherever I am standing These handy accessories are not expensive. You can get them for most makes of camera.

Rule #4

Be spontaneous.

familf_fun_sqAt all costs, engage in natural, fun conversation and NEVER you the word “smile” or resort to counting “1, .2, 3,…’ etc !!!

The fun and spontaneity is enhanced by leaning your subjects towards your camera.

Don’t be afraid to have some real fun. Good people photography is about bringing out the emotions.

HINT: Remember people don’t necessarily cherish your photo.  The photograph is often simply a “souvenir” of hopefully the amazingly fun time they enjoyed whilst you were photographing them.

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