How to Last Longer

Here’s a little known fact about lenses and how you can get longer life out of your lens as well a ensuring your batteries last longer.

Image Stabilisation (IS) or Vibration Reduction (VR) are settings that most lenses carry these days.

This switch activates a method to reduce the likelihood of taking blurry photos by moving the camera lens automatically to compensate for camera movement which can be induced by the user hand-holding the camera, or because the camera is fixed on a platform prone to vibration or movements, like 4WD vehicles, helmets etc.

This indeed could be very handy if you are out on safari photographing lions and tigers from the back of a fast moving 4 Wheel Drive.  The thing is that you probably will not be photographing in these conditions very often.  And….. accordingly you really won’t need to have this feature turned on unless you are in very bumpy situations that might otherwise create unwanted camera shake and this blurry photos.


To save unnecessary wear and tear on your lens and to lengthen the life of your camera’s battery, your VR or IS button should always be in the “OFF” position unless you specifically require this feature.

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