Training Series  - Week 4


Week 4: The Real "Art" of Photography

Good photography is NOT about stressing over the settings.
This week it's time to test your knowledge and then get truly creative.

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Welcome to the fourth week of your
"6 Weeks to Photography Mastery Course"

Now... it starts to get really exciting!

This week we will be venturing into the artistic aspects of creating outstanding photos.

You will learn about composition and how to be in total control of where and how the viewer looks at your photograph.  We want to mesmerise them... entertain them... and overall ensure that viewing your photograph is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Then we'll discuss light... both artificial and natural light sources.


But first up....

we are going to have a little fun and test your knowledge with a fun quiz

Then, we are going to introduce you to the workings of your virtual camera....

this is an amazing interactive camera that you will really enjoy practising with ..... You will be able to play with all the settings... Aperture... Shutter Speed and ISO .... click the button and up will pop a virtual photo that will look exactly how the result would appear in real life.

If you are still  feeling a little grey about your camera setting... don't worry... spend a little time playing with your Virtual Camera and everything with "CLICK" !


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This Week's Lessons

NEXT UP ...... We are going to test your knowledge

In a Fun Easy Quiz you will find out what you have learnt so far: