"6 Weeks to Photography Mastery" Training Series

Welcome to the new "6 Weeks to Photography Mastery" Course.

I'm so excited that you're here and I can't wait to dive in with you. Please take the time to watch my getting started welcome video. It'll help guide you through the rest of your Photography Learning journey.


Welcome to the very first week of your "6 Weeks to Photography Mastery Course"

The word "photography" means painting or drawing with light

In this introduction to your course, Anthony Cottrell outlines for you the most basic concepts of photography. You will be given an overview of what you can expect from the overall completion of the course.

In particular, Anthony discusses the most common problems a new photographers faces, the importance of light and how important it is to achieve the perfect exposure each and every time you take a photo.


In the next video you will commence
WEEK 1 of your tutorials...

How to Avoid The 10 Most Common Problems a Photographer Faces